2016 Skin Contact Riesling - Ed Hughes Vineyard

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2016 Skin Contact Riesling - Ed Hughes Vineyard
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The 2016 growing season was hot and dry and Riesling had lower acidity than an average year with exceptionally ripe flavours. This wine underwent full natural fermentation. As the wine fermented it was punched down twice-daily for gentle extraction from the skins. This Riesling was pressed at dryness after 19 days on skins.
The heat from the 2016 growing season combined with the 19-day fermentation on the skins (five more than in 2015) resulted in a wine with much stronger characteristics from the skins. This Riesling has a slightly lifted nose that carries its richly perfumed aromatics. The acidity and bitterness extracted from the skins and seeds creates a bone-dry palate with notes of gingerbread and orange.
Cases Produced: 76
Winemaker: Mackenzie Brisbois
Grower: Ed Hughes
Harvested: October 5, 2016
Yields: Approx. 2.0 Tonnes/Acre
Brix: 18.3
Sugar Level: 3g/L
Alcohol: 9.3%
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