2020 Piquette
2020 Piquette
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2020 Piquette

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A deviation from minimal intervention. This is a new product for us. It’s like wine, but it’s just weird. I took the skins I pressed for our Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Muscat and Pinot Gris and poured water over them. Then because the pH of water is so high, I added tartartic acid to lower the pH, hoping to avoid microbial spoilage that thrives at a high pH. As the alcohol was only about 2.5% I needed to add sugar to increase the alcohol – called chaptilization.

In theory, this is the opposite of minimal intervention. I heard about it. I wanted to try it and so here it is. It’s a light, wine-like thing that reuses skins which we would normally discard.
Comes in a handy 1L size in a returnable-to-us flip-top bottle
$20.00 plus $2 Bottle Deposit = $22.00/ea
Chardonnay, Sauvignoyn Blanc & Riesling - Lots of citrus, apricot and yellow plum on the palate with a slight spritz.
Pinot Gris & Muscat Ottonel - Tart sour cherry candy, yellow apple and watermelon. Finishes smooth and dry.
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