• County Collective: Winter Edition

    January 26th, we join The Grange and Traynor Vineyards at the Ontario Wine Society's County Collective tasting at Quince Bistro, Toronto.
    We'll be featuring a pair of wines just-released - Pinot Noir Rosé and a fantastic, dark and tasty Gamay. All wines will be paired with perfectly paired cocktail bites. Guests may also order their favourite wines for delivery.
    2013 Chardonnay ($32.00)
    2013 Cabernet (Cab Franc/Cab Sauv) ($39.00)
    2014 Riesling ($23.95)
    2014 Pinot Noir Rose ($21.95)
    2014 Gamay Noir ($25.95)
    Shrimp pot stickers, ginger soy sauce • Mini Prosciutto & provolone paninis • Herb & Gruyère profiteroles • Seared Albacore tuna tostada, tomatillo salsa • Chicken croquettes, Dijon • Stuffed Beef tartar and curried chicken salad profiteroles • Marinated olives
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