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Like many, we were drawn to the spirit and beauty of this place: Prince Edward County. The idea came after selling our first business in Canada — a German bakery we started in 1978, making authentic sourdough breads — and being pioneers in the sourdough movement at the time, were not afraid to try something new.

Winemaking is a craft requiring a healthy dose of intuition and curiosity as well. We want our wines to be equally ephemeral and express the best this land has to offer. We believe every wine should be surprising, textural and soulful; not predictable.

Being true to nature means letting wild yeasts ferment our wines with as little intervention as possible.

Each wine should tell the story of site and vintage with unabashed honesty.

Nothing less.

Mackenzie Brisbois - Winemaker & Vineyard Manager
Learning, living and drinking in the culture of amazing wine while working at Norman Hardie Winery and gaining experience during harvests in South African (Bouchard Finlayson and Sumaridge) and New Zealand (Central Otago Wine Company) shaped her style. Taking on a new project, Mackenzie moved from Prince Edward County to Nanaimo, British Columbia (Chateau Wolff). Having sampled various wine regions, Mackenzie is confident that the limestone soils of PEC are where she wants to put down her roots.

Anton & Hildegard Sproll - Proprietors
Alex Sproll - Partner, Operations Manager, Sales & Marketing
Sylvia Sproll - Partner, Sales and Admin

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