Uncompromising Craft Wines in Prince Edward County

Our focus is single varietal, vineyard-focussed wines. Our process is minimalist. Our wines are uncompromising and rich with character and structure.

Winemaker Mackenzie Brisbois employs wild-ferments whenever possible for their ability to build palate texture - whether it be a complex, soulful Unfiltered Chardonnay or knife-edge Skin- or Barrel-Fermented Riesling.

No one wine or vintage is ever the same (nor should they be). Each wine tells the story of the site and vintage with unabashed honesty and freshness. Visit our newly-opened warm, modern, tasting space and try for yourself!

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News & Events

  • August Wines of The Month: Lo-Fi Bubbles!

    The heat of the August sun calls for some lo-fi refreshment!
    This month as part of the Wines of The Month, we explore an ancient technique used to craft a raw, natural and delicious sparkling wine. The wines are called Petillant Natural, or pet nat and have become increasingly popular in today’s wine scene. They are fun, bright and bubbly and, unlike Champagne, they are made without any filtration and without any added yeast or sugar.
    2017 Trail Estate Field Blend Petillant Natural
    2017 Trail Estate Cabernet Franc Petillant Natural
    2017 Fattoria Sardi Toscana Bianco Pet Nat
    About Wines of The Month
    Our Newest Wine Club is also our most eclectic!
    Each month, get a winemaker’s selection of wines picked with a theme in mind. Each selection may include our newest wines, a vertical of back vintages, or even other hard-to-find wines we like to drink.
    Only $110 (inclusive of shipping)
    Flexibility of choice in 1-, 3-, 6- & 12-month options.
    Upcoming Themes:
    September — Cabernet Franc (10 slots avail.)
    October — Riesling (5 slots avail.)
    November — Skin Ferment Wines (12 slots avail.)
    December — Pinot Noir (11 slots avail.)

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