• 2012 - The Planting Starts!

    When our family purchased the property in 2011, there was 1 acre of Baco Noir on the property. From what we know, it had been planted about 5 to 6 years earlier by the previous owner. Those vines can be seen here, in the foreground. The prepped land will be planted with a selection of grapes. Looking south, the Millennium Trail is in the background where you see the hydro line.


    On this land, and with a little help by Wes Wiens of Vinetech, we decided to plant what the county is known for — Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. We also planted a smaller portion of Riesling and some test rows of Marechel Foch, Geisenheim, Cab. Franc and Gewürztraminer. Here are some of the grapes soaking to activate their roots.


    2012 proved to be a year of contrasts with a wet spring and a dry summer. Still, most of the grapes took well! Here, Matthias, our winemaker is looking over the grapes at the start of the process of training them to their posts. We'll put up the trellis system next year once they've established themselves.

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