• Join Us for Wassail!

    In late November and early December, Wassail puts a festive spin on any wine tour!
    As you know, winter can be harsh on vines in the County, and each year we bury them for protection from the elements. Wassail celebrates this. In generations past "merrymakers would travel from house to house singing, feasting and, of course, quenching their thirst with local grog."
    What does all this mean today? Get the Wassail songbook and sing us a tune for a complimentary wine sample. We'll have additional mulled wine to stay warm and festive Christmas cookies — packaged for individual consumption but also ideal for gifting. Best of all, the proceeds will go to charity.
    To download the songbook, or for more information on events and other participating wineries, please visit: www.princeedwardcountywine.ca/wassail
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