• April Wines of the Month - The Many Sides of Riesling

    Riesling is one of the most versatile grape varieties out there. It can be sweet, tart, rich, perfumed – it can be table wine, sparkling wine, dessert wine or even orange wine. The grape itself comes out of the Rhine region of Germany and is still Germany’s most widely planted variety. At Trail Estate we love drinking Riesling. To better understand how this grape showcases the purity of its terroir I travelled to Germany and met with producers across the country – both big and small. Aside from eating and drinking really well, I found time to learn about the grape growing and the winemaking and to better understand our Riesling in Prince Edward County and Niagara. At Trail Estate we craft expressive Rieslings in many different styles. Our small-batch approach allows me the flexibility to determine winemaking at the time of picking since each vintage is significantly different from the other. Our fruit is sourced from three premium vineyards across Niagara and we have included three different styles for you to explore.
    Wines included this month:
    2015 Foxcroft Barrel Ferment Riesling
    2016 Hughes Skin Contact Riesling
    2016 Wild Ferment Riesling
  • Winemaker's Dinner — March 28th

    Food at Tasting- Trail Estate Winery
    Join our Winemaker, Mackenzie Brisbois at Toronto's Fiorentina Restaurant, Wednesday March 28th, for a special Winemaker's Dinner.
    Mackenzie will share her insights on Trail Estate’s non-interventionist, minimalist winemaking approach . Enjoy six courses of locally-inspired cuisine by Chef Alex Chong, each paired with one of our wines!
    $120/pp including wine
    7 - 10 p.m.
    Seating is limited. Reserve today!
    To reserve your spot, contact Tina Leckie at: (416) 855-4240
  • Valentines/Family Day All-Day Brunch

    French Toast and Fruit - Trail Estate Winery
    Saturday Feb 17th to Monday Feb 19th, visit us for our 3rd Annual Valentines Day / Family Day Weekend Brunch! Enjoy piping hot, freshly made Ice Riesling-Infused French Toast, fresh fruit and cream in our warm, modern, new space. Pair with a glass of our superlative 2017 Skin Contact Pét Nat Natural Sparkling, sit back and enjoy the vineyard view! Brunch will be served 10:00 am to 3pm (or until we run out!)
    French Toast - $10 all-in
    French Toast and Pét Nat - $16 all-in
    Additional wines will be available for tasting from our regular menu (sampling or by-the-glass).
    Reserve you spot for Saturday Feb 17th here
    Reserve your spot for Sunday Feb 18th here
  • The Throwback Technique of Skin-Fermented Whites

    Starting with the 2015 vintage we embraced our mission of making small-batch wines, by crafting an ultra premium Skin Fermented White Wines. These white wines were produced with an adaptation on a thousand-year old winemaking method by leaving the fermenting juice in contact with the skins for a longer period than is normal in modern-day winemaking. These wines are fresh, elegant, and are strictly reflective of their terroir.
  • Pét-Nat: A Wine First Made By French Monks Renewed

    Trial Estate Winery - Pet Nat - Skin Fermented
    Sparkling wine has long been the cultural treat for success & celebration. One of the longest-standing methods in popping bottles is back in a big way. Pétillant naturel, or “pét-nat” for short, is the natural “methode ancestrale” of making sparkling wine. Originated by monks in the 16th century in Limoux, France, the fermenting juice is bottled before the initial fermentation ends. The fermentation then continues in bottle giving it natural fizz and often left affectionately unfiltered, paying homage to its heritage as a low intervention wine. Its edginess is part of the charm; it’s not meant to be a formal sipper but rather a fun, easy, and analog way to enjoy bubbles.
    As a comparison, Champagne is very classical, but pét-nat is more independant. It’s raw, it’s natural and it’s very vintage-specific, which makes it exciting. Not a wine to hold on to, pét-nat needs to be enjoyed in its youth. Lower in alcohol, it makes a wonderful bridge for cider or beer drinkers. These characteristics makes it an excellent food wine pairing with everything from Thai curries to that greasy corner slice. Fatty, salty, and crushable foods deserve an equally comfortable companion.
    Technical and risky, pét-nat requires constant supervision. Despite it’s laissez-faire style, it’s still very meticulous. Monitored several times a day as it’s wild fermentation (using only naturally- occurring yeasts), skin contact, and low intervention require delicate timing in regards to bottling amongst other characteristic sensitivities. The risk is part of the excitement!
    Essentially a field blend of Riesling, Gewürz. and Geisenheim (and the ratio changes according to each vintage) and left them on their skins to ferment for about eight days. This imparts a very unique pearl-iridescence colour to the wine and gives some tart complexity and tannin to an otherwise very fruity wine.
    Stone fruit such as peaches and hard nectarines are the forefront to secondary notes such as white pepper, grapefruit, and cucumber. It’s just so fresh. Unfiltered and unapologetic, this one should be enjoyed young, cold, and for any occasion you like.
  • Winemakers' Dinner - November 16th

    People Talking and Eating - Trail Estate
    Join our Winemaker, Mackenzie Brisbois at the Ottawa's Wellington Gastro Pub, Thursday November 16th, for a special Winemaker's Dinner.
    Mackenzie will share her insights on the workings of a craft winery and her non-interventionist, "whole" winemaking approach. Chef Chris Deraiche will pair exceptional courses with our newest wines!
    To reserve your spot, contact Shane at the Wellington Gastro Pub: (613) 729-1315
  • Help Us Harvest!

    Join Our Harvent Sunday October 1st & 18th - Trail Estate
    Join us in the vineyard Sunday Oct 1st and Sunday Oct 8th to help us harvest! Picking starts at 9am (coffee will be on hand). Around noon we will stop and enjoy lunch and wine including back vintages not otherwise available.
    Pls dress appropriately knowing some grapes can mark clothing. Boots/sturdy footwear recommended. Please bring snips if you have them!
    This is an event for the whole family!
    Please visit our Facebook page for most current details.


  • Trail Estate and Jamie Kennedy Dinner Series - Saturday, July 15th

    Tables Set for Dinner and Wine at Trail Estate Winery

    Continuing in the summer of 2017, Chef Jamie Kennedy shares the beauty and bounty of his farm in Hillier, Prince Edward County.
    We are proud to take part July 15th, in this series of Saturday evening feasts seated in a rustic barn setting and celebrating the gastronomic beauty & spirit of this special place on the shores of Lake Ontario. Watch as your dinner is prepared, cooked outside over glowing embers — and each dish paired with the wines of Trail Estate. Our winemaker, Mackenzie Brisbois will be at the table and sharing with you stories of our latest wines — some of which never before released!
    We look forward to seeing you at J.K. Farm and being part of a memorable County weekend escape!

    Reserve Your Seat For July 15th!


  • Join Us at i4c!

    This summer, join us in Niagara as we gather with some of the world's best Chardonnay producers together at i4c (The International Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration), July 21-23rd. Its a weekend celebration of the best in cool-climate Chardonnay, and this year, Cab Franc as well! i4c has been on our radar since we opened. Now, our Chardonnays (and Cab Franc) are ready and we are going! Join us and get $25 off the ticketed price. Please email us at for coupon code details. For info regarding the event, visit

    Trail Estate Chardonnay

    1 Exception Weekend Event Infographic - Trail Estate Winery


  • Winemaker Tours & Structured Tastings

    We invite you to get ‘behind-the-scenes’ and learn more about small-batch craft winemaking. Choose from full-day hands-on experiences to 1-hour tours or structured tastings — all in a small-group setting.
    Trail Estate Winery - Multiple Wine Glasses Filled for Wine Tasting Event

    Friday Winemaker Tours & Saturday Tastings

    Join us each week as we cover a different aspect of small-batch winemaking. Friday Tours and Saturday Tastings take place each weekend until December, at 4pm. Allow one hour for tours and 35-45 minutes for structured tastings.
    Includes flight of wines and bread & charcuterie board.

    Styles In Winemaking
    SEPTEMBER 2,3 & 23-24; OCTOBER 14-15; NOVEMBER 4-5
    We showcase the terroir of a certain site, using alternate winemaking styles to highlight differences and similarities. Here, we guide you through a structured tasting of wines fermented in different vessels and crafted in ‘atypical’ styles.
    SEPTEMBER 9-10 & 30; OCTOBER 21-22; NOVEMBER 11-12
        Riesling is a graceful, fresh wine, layered with complexity and delicacy — and it can range from off-dry, to sweet, to racingly acidic. Let us guide you through a flight of Trail Estate Rieslings. 
    AUGUST 26-27; SEPTEMBER 16-17; OCTOBER 7-8 & 28-29
        Compare our first three different vintages of Chardonnay. Join us to talk fermentation and barrel ageing and to assess wine flavour and structure.

    Friday Tours: $25/per person
    Saturday Structured Tastings: $15/per person
    Maximum 8 people per event

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